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Hi, I'm Ellen

Ellen B. Pons = Arty Ellen ( artyln ) 

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The real "Arty" Ellen was my great aunt Ellen May Ball. ( 1898 - 1983 ) Artist, poet and inspiration.

Her adoration of extended family was far reaching.

 I think of her often and know she would marvel at the artistic world of today.

I grew up in Richmond, Virginia the youngest of a family of 5 which included a wide array of four footed, hooved and feathered friends.

My father was the photographer of the family milestones until I moved into that role at 13. Snapping pictures of my pets and family by day processing negatives and prints in a black and white darkroom at night set my obsession with photography.

It was multiple years as photography editor for my high school yearbook that instilled the journalism method to my story making.

I took a long route to graduation from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts with a B.A. in C A & D with a minor in Illustration. 

My goals to graduation successfully shared my life caring for horses and cattle on my great uncle's Clover Hill Farm Goochland Va. 

In retrospect it probably was as valuable an education for my life's vocation, as today I live and work with my husband Josh on Country Life Farm,

a commercial thoroughbred breeding and training farm in Harford County Maryland. 

As the farm freelance photographer I work to  keep clients updated with regular photos of their horses in our care.

Every January to June is my peak work load documenting the new foals arrivals and growth. 

 I am once again riding the coat tails of my husband's award winning writing as the photographer for his monthly installments of 

LETTERS FROM ROCKLAND FARM with the Blood Horse magazine. This is our 3rd collaboration which spotlights Country Life Farm.

In between this all I oversee 3 guest houses on farm properties in Maryland and Virginia.


My goal is to capture the moment and character of my subjects artistically to record a time and place.

Time is not static and to have a memorable visual record of those that touch our lives cannot be underestimated. 

 I believe my experiences first hand of the unspoken connection between humans and their animal companions allows me

to recognize them in camera and in composition. 

Contact me  I'd love to capture some moments of your place and time

 Sincerely, Ellen B. Pons

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or Facebook at Ellen Pons Photography & Design


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