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Photo Retouching and Muliti image blending. Digital Darkroom editing and Rendering for special effects.

Equestrian Collage

Cathering 3 DSC_8062.jpg

Merged Image Compostion

This assignment was using images from following a rider at here horses first Event. 

Taking select images the compostion was seamlessly blended in post produciton with fades and select blurring of the edges.

This keepsake of the rider and her horse will be around to document and treasure long after the competition ends.

Lacrosse Collage

josh lax.jpg

16 x 20 Poster

As a mom of two talented lacrosse players It was with great sadness when that last game approached.

 I created this poster design capturing their moves on the playing field. 

Using my images from the season. I cut and pasted  my player and his opponents around the composition. 

These are a great way to capture an athelete's moves in 2 dimensional art.

I can use your photos to design a memory of your athelete in a most any sport.

Digital Painting

2 King Charles & Lab_Painting.jpg


This digital transformation from an image from a pet session

Creates a painterly image of the Subject.

The client had notecards produced of the image, for personal use. 

Digital Doodling

I do squam DSC8629  (1).jpg

Wedding Bells

The cloud formations from this landscape lended themselves to play.

Cloning from the original clouds and a  little warp and blend and

thus the perfect momento for the engaged couple. 

Photography, Layout and Design.

Photo Capture & Collage

hat poster 24 x 32.jpg

The Hats of Old Hilltop , Poster

The annual Preakness Stakes always provides a plethora of photo opportunities.
In this design I chose to concentrate on the Hats in the crowd. 
Taking the best of the day I created this patchwork of people.

A great poster design for any racing fans wall.

©2019 by Ellen Pons. Proudly created with


Have a message to get across ? 

Let  me create a memorable video with your content

or I'll work from  my media of your subject. 

Group Smile.jpg

Note Card Design

This project was orchestrated from start to finish with the help of willing friends.

The finished project was a get well card for a mutual friend who was in need of laugh and distraction.

We hoped it would bring a smile and conversation piece.

Note Card 

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